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We are proud to announce that OTIIMA has entered the Florida market, passing hurricane testing with the HIDDEN FLUSH SILL of our 38 Drain Series. Being first to market with this feature was not only a huge achievement viewed to be impossible by most, it is a statement to our competitors that we are pushing the limits of what is possible. With a DP70, flush track doors can now be installed even in the strictest zones of South Florida.


38 DRAIN is OTIIMA's hidden sill variant of the 38 Series, with optional hidden sub-frame and trench drain. All of the versatility and flexibility offered in the 38 CLASSIC are combined with an ingenious hidden sill design. Removable finish floor clips offer easy access for future maintenance. OTIIMA’s hidden sill design is notable for utilizing a single slot for each track. Some competitor’s designs require two slots per panel. It is designed to accept 38mm (1-1/2") insulated glass. The 38 series can also accommodate triple-pane glass, depending on the thermal demands of the project.

Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 3.52.08 PM.png

Double glass system. Excellent thermal and acoustic performance and exceptional performance of sealing water/air/wind.


This complementary system is available for large surfaces per glazed panel, and does not compromise the water tightness performance levels, air permeability, wind-load resistance, and thermal insulation.


With 20mm thick vertical interlocks, OTIIMA DRAIN includes a drainage profile channel, that has the ability to drain large amounts of rainwater, even in extreme rainfall situations.


Available in the following typologies: sliding, pivot, vertical sash, sliding corner, sliding pocket, fixed, casement, tilt & turn, sloped and curved.


OTIIMA DRAIN is designed with an exclusive sliding system with vertical stainless-steel bearings, for a smooth and effortless manual opening.


DP +/- 70

HVHZ Approval

Wind Zone 4

Invisible Sill

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