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The Man Behind The Product

José Maria Ferreira The Visionary Engineer, Architect, Designer, & Founder of OTIIMA

Born and raised in the city of Porto, José Maria Ferreira is a Portuguese, professional businessman with a background in engineering, architecture and design.


Known for his visionary spirit, Ferreira is a pioneer in the industry, having founded and managed his own metalworks company for more than 25 years. His experience fortified by his relationships in the industry affords him a unique pedigree, as he understands the critical confluence of research, industrial manufacturing, and design as well as architecture's integration with emerging technologies.


In 2003, Ferreira began his pivotal work with minimal frame systems. His inherent design and business savvy were paramount for the systems’ rapid acceptance and subsequent expansion throughout Portugal, Spain, and France. Looking to maximize the products’ potential, Ferreira debuted his own first branded system in 2008, which he later sold to concentrate on his affinity for the arts. The next several years saw the world's preeminent architects asking Ferreira to once again take back his rightful place as the lead visionary of the fenestration market. Armed with more than a decade of design, engineering, and manufacturing experience, he proudly introduced OTIIMA - Much more than a Window in 2014, a brand that aligns itself with Ferreira’s innovative and artistic nature.


The Couple Behind 



Taylor and Stacy Titoni are entrepreneurs who continue to focus their skill sets on the window and door industry.  Since the start of their first company in 2003, they have been committed to achieving excellence through continued great work and service. 


In 2003, Taylor and Stacy started an installation company, which played a vital role in elevating their abilities to plan and problem solve.  Installation was a perfect foundation for developing a deeper understanding of how a system should be: ordered, manufactured, waterproofed and installed. 


2006 was the start of their sales company where they built a team that would sell high-end windows and doors in Southern California.  Becoming a dealer would be the next crucial step of education that would launch success to the OTIIMA USA distribution.  Armed with the experience of owning dealership, the Titoni’s were well equipped on how to best take care of future OTIIMA USA dealers.  “My entire life has been a series of stepping stones that have prepared me to become head of operations for the US and surrounding markets," said Taylor.  “But I would be nothing without my amazing wife who not only encourages me, but she has been a fundamental part of our companies."  


After over 18 years of selling and installing windows and doors including other minimal frame brands, Taylor and Stacy have committed everything to OTIIMA in order to grow the brand and protect the company’s image as the preeminent minimal frame product in the industry.  “In connecting with OTIIMA, we not only became a partner with the best window manufacturer in the world, we gained a global family” - Stacy.  “The brand really is Much More Than a Window!  It is a family, a lifestyle, an understanding of excellence, a feeling of gratitude, and a commitment to helping others."


Stacy and I have held the same values from the start, do great work and provide great service, admit when we are wrong, create, innovate and most importantly have fun in the process."  – Taylor

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