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26 PLUS is ideal for warm climates or projects with reduced thermal requirements. This is a hybrid system with insulated glass and non-insulated monolithic aluminum frames. This system is designed to accept 26mm (1") insulated glass.


Similar to the 38 and 54 series, the 26 PLUS has ultrathin sight lines and can be used as a budget-friendly solution while maintaining the visual impact of the minimal frame design.


Available configurations include fixed windows, multi-panel, sliding windows/doors (including pockets and corner-opening configurations) as well as guillotine windows/doors (ascending/descending panels). Door automation is available with all of our sliding doors.


While the 26 PLUS will be more affordable than our principal 38 and 54 series, there may be limitations on thermal performance and panel size.


26 PLUS Maximum Panel Size:

Fixed Tempered Glass = 60 sq.ft

Sliding Glass Panels = 60 sq.ft

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