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+ There are three interlock options for this door; one option with a heavy duty interlock at 30 mm and two options with the standard 20 mm slim sight line. Structurally, this door reached cycles at 105 PSF.

+ The glass we use for the hurricane doors consists of a Low E tempered exterior sheet with a laminated interior pane and heat strengthened or annealed to provide amazing clarity while still holding up to the projectile objects during a hurricane.

+ The sentryGlas interlayer used in our laminated unit is 5x stronger and up to 100x more rigid than conventional laminating materials than the normal PVB interlayer found in other laminated glass.

OTIIMA USA is the only minimal frame company to achieve hurricane testing for our invisible sill. Our product is tested and approved to withstand extreme hurricane conditions. 38 DRAIN is the perfect solution to create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces, all while withstanding harsh weather conditions for your beach front projects.


All of the versatility and flexibility offered in the 38 CLASSIC are combined with an ingenious hidden sill design. OTIIMA’s hidden sill design is notable for utilizing a single slot for each track. It is designed to accept 38mm (1-1/2") insulated glass. The 38 series can also accommodate triple-pane glass, depending on the thermal demands of the project.

DP +/- 70 

HVH2 Approval

Wind Zone 4

Sliding door sizes up to 4' x 10'.

DP +/- 65

Supporting panel sizes up to 6' x 12'.

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