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54 FUSION represents the latest evolution of OTIIMA's sliding door platform, offering a hidden header, sill and jamb frames. The FUSION series demonstrates our drive to develop game-changing design capabilities for the architectural community.


The FUSION’s exclusive design features a completely redefined, minimalistic frame system by providing the appearance of “floating” glass door panels within the architectural finishes. This series is optimized for 54mm (2-1/8") triple-pane insulated glass. The 54 FUSION can accommodate oversized “jumbo” double-pane glass. Multiple laminated glass options are available when noise reduction and/or impact performance is desired.


OTIIMA is the only company in the world to offer this award-winning system.


Available configurations include fixed windows, multi-panel and sliding windows/doors (including pockets and corner-opening configurations). Door automation can be integrated with all of our sliding doors.


54 FUSION Maximum Panel Size:

Domestic Standard Insulated Glass = 100" x 144"

Domestic Jumbo Insulated Glass = 126" x 268"

European Insulated Glass = 126" x 295"

54 FUSION.jpg
54 fusion
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