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54 FIXED is OTIIMA's picture window glazing system. This series allows for both interior and exterior glazed options. The FIXED offers a choice of traditional coplanar glass panels with 1-9/16" (40mm) mullions or staggered alternating-plane panels with 13/16" (20mm) mullions.


The 54 Series is specifically designed for cold climates by utilizing 54mm (2-1/8") triple-pane insulated glass. The 54 Series can accommodate oversized “jumbo” double-pane glass. Multiple laminated glass options are available when noise reduction and/or impact performance is desired.


By utilizing the same framework as our door systems, the FIXED has glass sight lines that perfectly match those of OTIIMA’s sliding doors.


54 FIXED Maximum Panel Size:

Domestic Standard Insulated Glass = 100" x 144"

Domestic Jumbo Insulated Glass = 126" x 268"

European Insulated Glass = 126" x 295”

54 fixed
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