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38 GLASSVIEW is the product line that offers less exposed metal than our CLASSIC and PLUS lines. In exchange for slightly larger recessed outer frames, it offers a concealed top and bottom rail for a truly flush, aligned and uninterrupted daylight opening.


Both thermally versatile and structurally robust, it offers the flexibility for use in warm and moderately cold climates. It is designed to accept 38mm (1-1/2") insulated glass. The 38 series can also accommodate triple-pane glass, depending on the thermal demands of the project.


Available configurations include fixed windows, multi-panel, sliding windows/doors (including pockets and corner-opening configurations) and curved (radius). Door automation can be integrated with all of our sliding doors.

38 GLASSVIEW Maximum Panel Size:

Domestic Standard Insulated Glass = 100" x 144"

Domestic Jumbo Insulated Glass = 126" x 268"

38 Glassview
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