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38 DRAIN is OTIIMA's hidden sill variant of the 38 Series, with optional hidden sub-frame and trench drain. All of the versatility and flexibility offered in the 38 CLASSIC are combined with an ingenious hidden sill design. Removable finish floor clips offer easy access for future maintenance. OTIIMA’s hidden sill design is notable for utilizing a single slot for each track. Some competitor’s designs require two slots per panel. It is designed to accept 38mm (1-1/2") insulated glass. The 38 series can also accommodate triple-pane glass, depending on the thermal demands of the project.


Available configurations include fixed windows, multi-panel and sliding windows/doors (including pockets and corner-opening configurations). Door automation can be integrated with all of our sliding doors.


38 DRAIN Maximum Panel Size:

Domestic Standard Insulated Glass = 100" x 144"

Domestic Jumbo Insulated Glass = 126" x 268"

European Insulated Glass = 126" x 295"

38 DRAIN.jpg
38 Drain
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